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Over the past 25 years, Novateq Engineering has successfully designed, detailed and developed many different types of harbor and ship cranes which are operational around the world…
Mechanical engineering for equipment in the marine sector is a well-known specialty of  Novateq Engineering. We have intimate knowledge of international standards due to our decades-long experience. We..
Novateq Engineering also works in the design and engineering of heavy and light machines, with complete documentation including construction drawings, calculations et cetera as output. With each..
Structural and mechanical engineering for the offshore market is a specialty Novateq Engineering has developed strongly, through experience with many projects. Some recent examples include basic design and..
Novateq Engineering develops innovative solutions for handling and transport of solid materials (cement, sand, gravel) and fluid materials (drill cuttings) for onshore and offshore. Recent assignments have..
Novateq Engineering has designed, detailed and developed various kinds of steel constructions, such as: Canopies, hoods and roof constructions; Various stairs, among which winding staircases…
Novateq Engineering has a wide range of experience in the fields of skids construction and piping. A process system on a modular skid can be transported very..
Coordinating transports in the Netherlands and abroad is a Novateq Engineering specialty. This includes safety measures such as hoisting and transporting plans. Recent examples of projects include..
Recent Novateq Engineering projects in other fields are: Various configurations of aluminium ventilation ridges for cattle stables; Various boat house canopies, hoods and roofs; Daylight systems…